Plasma Lifting

Prices and dates

  • Upper Eyelids from 250,00 Euros
  • Lower Eyelids from 200,00 Euros
  • Double-Chin Lifting from 150,00 Euros
  • Crow's Feet from 150,00 Euros
  • Upper Lips Lifting from 150,00 Euros
  • Chin Rejuvenation from 150,00 Euros
  • Nasolabial (Laugh Line) Wrinkles from 150,00 Euros

We would like to meet with you personally before the plasma treatments, in order to create an individual program for you.

Please contact us for a FREE and NON-BINDING consultation in our studio.

We will respond individually to your needs and create a treatment and cost plan that is uniquely yours.

We look forward to meeting you.

Facelifting - vorher/nachher

Face- und Halslifting - vorher/nachher

Face- und Halslifting

Wangen- und Halslifting - vorher/nachher

Wangen- und Halslifting

Augen- und Stirnlifting - vorher/nachher

Augen- und Stirnlifting

Facelifting - vorher/nachher


Stirnlifting - vorher/nachher


Wangenlifting - vorher/nachher

Wangen - vorher/nachher

Mundzonen-Straffung - vorher/nachher


Milderung von Tränensäcken - vorher/nachher

Milderung von Tränensäcken

Augen- und Wangenlifting - vorher/nachher

Augen- und Wangenlifting

Entfernung von Pigmentflecken und Zornesfalten - vorher/nachher

Entfernung von Pigmentflecken und Zornesfalten

Straffung der Kinnlinie - vorher/nachher

Straffung der Kinnlinie

Halslifting - vorher/nachher


Lippen- und Mundwinkelfältchen, Kinnlinienstraffung - vorher/nachher

Unteres Softfacelift: Nasolabialfalten, Lippen- und Mundwinkelfältchen, Kinnlinienstraffung

Halsstraffung - vorher/nachher


Oberlidstraffung - vorher/nachher

Oberlidstraffung mit der Methode Plasma Lifting.

Unterlidstraffung - vorher/nachher


Entfernung von Pigmentflecken - vorher/nachher

Entfernung von Pigmentflecken

Unteres Softfacelift: Nasolabialfalten - vorher/nachher

Seitenlift mit Halsstraffung

Plasma Lifting

The gentle alternative to surgery.

Our treatment with the Accor Cosmetic Corrector is the gentle alternative to skin-tightening surgery.

Using a combination of plasma and low-frequency technology, this plasma pen treatment is one-of-a-kind, unique in the world.


Without direct skin contact, an ionized arc acts on the skin surface via the tip of the pen. The "flash" of the plasma light vaporizes the skin at the desired point and tightens the surrounding skin. The procedure is painless, particularly gentle on the body, and achieves amazing, lasting results with immediate effect, including re-tightening.


A special bonus is fast healing, thanks to the low-frequency plasma technology.

The combination of this professional treatment and the client's adherence to appropriate after-care hygiene seldom causes any unsightly swelling or redness.

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