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Permanent Make-up

Permanent Make-Up Profi: Wilma Stelzhammer

Permanent - Make-up Profi Wilma Stelzhammer

The art of the extraordinary permanent make-up.

Mrs. WILMA STELZHAMMER is regarded internationally as a leader among make-up artists who has also trained aspiring make-up artists for more than 20 years.  She is also an author of related textbooks and is credited for her reference works in the field.

As a well-known make-up artist, she knows how to make the best of every physical type.  In her work, she not only recreates facial shapes, but also optimizes them at the same time.
By evaluating facial features with a professional eye, she is able to ensure an optimum aesthetic result. As a trained color consultant, she pays special attention to type-specific color selection.

She meets regularly with the world's top permanent make-up masters for continuing education and an exchange of professional experiences. 

Sviatoslav Otchenash, Dmitry Tatuayev, Nataliya Yeremenko,
Branko Babic, Anna Spiewak and MaiLee from Vietnam, to name just a few, are among her peer-professional companions.

For more than 25 years, her passion has been micropigmentation.  Her international recognition is due to her well regarded perfectionism.


The desire for a more natural-looking, permanent make-up was a priority for our client. First, patchy eyebrows were visually enhanced with the “super-fine hair technique.” The lashes were thickened to create more expression. The lips were shaded gradually with permanent make-up without a stark outline.

Further examples can be found in our permanent make-up gallery

Permanent Make-Up - beforbefore
Permanent Make-Up - afterafter

Eyebrows Permanent Make-Up

"Beautiful eyebrows are like magic. They are like an elegant  picture frame that makes every face look even more beautiful," says Wilma Stelzhammer.

She is convinced that nothing can enhance a person's radiance as much as her eyebrows.

With decades of experience as a permanent make-up artist and her outstanding expertise, she has long been regarded in the profession as "Miss Eyebrow." The natural look of her work is amazing and her attention to fine detail is her aesthetic trademark.

Techniques for eyebrows:

Mrs. Wilma Stelzhammer is the master of all techniques which are possible for a natural-looking, permanent make-up result.
She prefers the following techniques:

Fine hair technology

Permanent Make-Up Eyebrows: Fine hair technology

Very fine hairs are artistically simulated between the client's existing, thin eyebrows.

For this technique, some natural eyebrows must be present. Depending upon the client's skin type and the desired result, she works with permanent make-up or with microblading.


Powder technology

Permanent Make-Up Eyebrows: Powder technology

This special shading technique makes your existing eyebrows look denser.  They will also be more perfectly shaped after this treatment.

She often uses the Ombre technique (by which shades are gradually more brightly shaded, upwardly) to make the artistic result even gentler, visually.

The mixing technology

Permanent Make-Up Eyebrows: The mixing technology

In this technique, the powder technique is mixed with the fine hair technique.

For an especially natural look, she often mixes different techniques together and combines them to achieve the ideal result.


Microblading is a hands-on manual pigmentation method that does not use a motorized pigmentation device.

So-called miniature "blades" are attached to a hand-piece.  These sterile "blades" are actually small, juxtaposed needles that resemble a scalpel.

Small strokes as fine as hairs are applied into the skin with gentle pressure.Auf einem Handstück werden dafür steril verpackte Aufsätze, die sogenannten „Blades“ angebracht. Diese „Blades“ sind kleine aneinandergereihte Nadeln, die einem Skalpell ähneln.

Please note that this method is not suitable for large-pored, oily skin. Mrs. Stelzhammer is quite cautious about using this technique and only applies it when the skin type is appropriate for it.

Permanent Make-up: Lips

Lips Blushing

Lips Blushing is a special technique for a very natural looking permanent make-up.

Here, the lip color is discretely emphasized and the contour of the lip color blends smoothly into the skin tone.

This is ideal for ladies who do not normally use make-up on their lips, but still want to look well-groomed and fresher.

Eyeliner Permanent Make-up

Permanent Make-Up: Compression or Eyeliner

Lacquer compression or eyeliner

Left: Eyelash line compression above and below
When the eyelashes are compressed, then the spaces between the eyelashes visibly are filled with color. The result is very natural.

Right: Classic eyeliner and eyelash line compression below
Classic eyeliner looks dramatic and extremely sensual in appearance.  However, this treatment is not suitable for every woman, we must advise you!

Permanent Make-Up: Compression or Eyeliner

Permanent Make-Up: Perfect shapes and colors

Seductive Eyebrows

Perfectly styled eyebrows give the face more expression and greater character. When the eyebrows are in an ideal shape, the eyes have a more intense and seductive look. With our 3-D method, the eyebrows can be completely redesigned. We can "correct" lack of hair growth or gaps caused by a scar or incorrect plucking, and regain your natural look by [artistically] drawing the finest hair.

We determine the ideal shape by using a professional facial measurement which is then traced with ultra-fine, hair-like, natural eyebrow colors.

The ideal shape is always measured in advance. Only then, after consultation with the client, we proceed with drawing and a discussion of "perfect" color choices.

Seductive Eyes

Seductive "Cat Eyes" can be achieved with our process of lash thickening. You can choose a tender eyelid, which makes the lashes appear thicker. Or you can select even stronger, bolder accentuation, if you prefer more striking and decorative make-up.

On the lower lid, a lash tint looks more natural, since an eyeliner would have a somewhat more artificial look.

The ideal line is always based on your own eye shape and is determined individually, so that hooded eyelids appear more open and small eyes seem fuller and bigger.

Luscious lips

We promise "perfect" lips in a shade that closely matches your individual color type.
With our exclusive 3-D lip shade, your natural lip color can be intensified.

Also, with this method, a “hanging mouth” look or uneven lips can be corrected for visual perfection.

The corrections are also great for scars and the loss of pigments of the lip contour.
The ideal lip shape is determined as a visual balance between the upper and lower lip. By this correction a “hanging mouth” will look much more friendlier. The 3-D lip shading visually creates more volume and the lips look fuller.

Permanent Make-Up: 3D-Permanent Make-up

Perfect proportions and natural colors

Anyone who wants an especially natural looking and type-appropriate permanent make-up is in the best hands with
Here the Master, herself, personally performs the pigmenting.

The expertise and trained eye of this successful make-up artist and color consultant ensure ideal shapes and colors.  A perfect result is guaranteed.

The first step is the precise measurement of the individual facial proportions, which determine the optimal shape for brows, eyeliner or lips. This is followed by type-specific color selection, which is precisely matched to the client's own skin and hair tone.

WILMA STELZHAMMER is a master of all techniques of micropigmentation, as she is constantly developing her expertise and skills internationally. Her credo is: "Only the best for my customers!"
Perfect proportions and natural colors

Optimal skin compatibility

We use only award-wining Long Time Liner permanent make-up, which is applied with a super-fine pigment device, guaranteeing a very gentle and completely painless procedure. Lifelike shapes are drawn carefully with the 3-D method, making it virtually impossible for the permanent make-up to be detected as “make-up” by anyone outside of our studio.

BEAUTY PROFESSIONAL uses only skin-friendly, certified micro-mineral pigments for this beauty treatment.

All of our color pigments meet the safety standards of the European Cosmetics Regulations and are completely free of carcinogenic azo dyes.

Of course, as with all of our treatments, BEAUTY PROFESSIONAL guarantees the highest professional standards of hygiene.

Permanent Make-Up: Questions and answers

How long does the permanent make-up last?

Permanent make-up lasts between two and four years, depending upon the skin type and how much skin area has been treated.

When should you refresh Permanent make-up?

For eyebrows with natural hair a refresher every 1-2 years is necessary.

You can have your permanent make-up refreshed any time by Wilma Stelzhammer, even if it was not originally applied by Beauty Professional.

What to take to a fresh premanent make-up treatment?

Please protect your fresh permanent make-up with a large pair of sunglasses, or wear a sunhat, to protect your freshly pigmented eyebrows. For ten days following the pigmentation, you should protect your "new" eyebrows permanent make-up and your "new" lips permanent make-up with a strong sunblock cream or ointment.

Are there any age limits?

Eighteen (18) is the minimum age for a permanent make-up application treatment. Even with the written consent of parents or legal guardians, we are bound by the law and, therefore, we are not allowed to treat customers  who are under the age of majority (18) with permanent make-up. 

There are no upper age limits. Actually, our permanent make-up can make life much easier for Senior Citizens, because a person's visual impairment or an unsteady hand could make fine lines nearly impossible to accomplish when applying one's own make-up.

Permanent Make-Up: Questions and answers

Things to avoid following your fresh permanent make-up?

During the first 10 days after your permanent make-up pigmentation application, you must carefully avoid:

  • Direct sunlight exposure, whether outdoors or in a solarium
  • Sea water (outdoors) or chlorinated water (swimming pool)
  • Sauna or steam rooms
  • Heavy sweating (or strenuous exercise that induces heavy sweating)

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