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Wilma Stelzhammer

Ms. Wilma Stelzhammer has developed enormous cosmetic expertise in skin rejuvenation and has earned an exceptional reputation as an anti-aging expert.
For more than fifteen years, she has been a distinguished member of the distinguished Swiss Society of Medical Cosmetics, where she has continuously improved and enhanced her professional expertise.

For Mrs. Stelzhammer, anti-aging goes far beyond beauty treatments. She invented the term "lifting with color" more than 20 years ago. Today, even plastic surgeons use her method to simulate how patients will look after a surgical facelift.

She has also written well respected technical reports and esteemed books on beauty enhancement.
Her book Visagistic Basics of Makeup is the foundation of makeup artists courses. Many European vocational schools and skills training programs for aspiring beauty professionals also use this textbook.
Ms. Stelzhammer frequently presents makeup artists courses and seminars in her own studio conference facilities in Vienna. Many of her staff makeup artists who have graduated from these courses are now well known make-up artists today.

Through her additional knowledge as a color analyst and style consultant, she can visualize the ideal forms of the human visage and can thus determine and assign the ideal colors, exactly, a skills set that is of special importance for an enhanced permanent makeup look.

Ms. Stelzhammer has studied and acquired her wealth of knowledge internationally. She presents this expertise as the name of her institute, BEAUTY PROFESSIONAL, where she and her highly trained staff apply her knowledge to accomplish the greatest possible beauty benefits for clients.

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