This professional Beauty Makeup treatment is specially designed for our younger customers who would like to look even more youthful with a professional model's makeup technique.

All professional tricks are applied, but invisibly.

The eyebrows are optimized, any dark circles around the eyes are made invisible and the complexion is refined, emphasizing the eyes in their uniqueness, correcting the outline of the mouth and emphasizing the contours of the face, all in a dynamic 3-D look.

Upon request, false eyelashes can be applied as well.


In this particular makeup technique, the top-ranked discipline "lifting with color" is used. With this modeling technique, which was developed by Ms. Wilma Stelzhammer, facial contours are visually streamlined,  drooping eyelids are made to look more open again, brows are raised and any "sagging" of the mouth is made invisible.

This Anti-Aging Makeup treatment is most ideal for as a prep prior to being photographed or for an enhanced appearance at a social or public event, when you would like to present your most youthful and best appearance.

For the Anti-Aging Makeup, we can also apply false eyelashes, upon request.


Step-by-step, you will learn makeup concepts and techniques in an individual training session that's been created specifically for you and your "look." This consultation includes overall makeup design. For best results, we measure your face by zones and then use our specialized tricks and techniques from our "Profi Box."

Very importantly, your face is given the appearance of a visual lift, because of lighter lines and enhanced makeup modeling. With our special color shades, the eyelid visually falls less and a tiny mouth suddenly seems full. Particular emphasis is placed on perfect eyebrows.

To make your future reapplication easier, you will also receive an accurate, comprehensive makeup plan.


We offer a variety of makeup techniques courses in groups as well.
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