How long does Permanent Makeup last?

Depending upon the skin type and the specific application area, Permanent Makeup can last from two to five years.

The major determining factors are prior and future sun exposure. Longevity of Permanent Makeup can vary according to the skin area and the degree of prior unprotected sun exposure. The eyebrows and the lips can be protected quite well by a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (SPF) resulting in a long-lasting Permanent Makeup. 

The eyeliner can be protected ideally by quality sunglasses that have a high UV rating and that provide a high degree of protection from Ultra-Violet light.

When should you get a Permanent Makeup re-treatment?

If there are no visible eyebrows or just a few, it is recommended to have a Permanent Makeup re-treatment each year at the end of the summer. Why? Because the sun can wash out or bleach our many color pigments, causing them to appear to fade away. Naturally grown eyebrows require a fresh re-treatment every 2 to 3 years. For clients using our re-treatment of Permanent Makeup, we guarantee an even color result. And, you will pay less for a re-treatment than for a completely new treatment.

We recommend that eyeliner and lip Permanent Makeup applications should be given a re-treatment every 2 to 5 years.

Of course, our BEAUTY PROFESSIONAL Team will re-treat you and care for you even if the previous Permanent Makeup application is not ours.

When is pigmentation not allowed?

  • Anyone under age 18
  • Pacemaker
  • Severe allergies and/or rashes
  • Pregnancy
  • Infectious and/or contagious diseases
  • HIV and/or Hepatitis
  • Acute diseases
  • Other risky diseases --  only with written permission of your physicians

Are there any age limits?

Eighteen (18) is the minimum age for a Permanent Makeup application treatment. Even with the written consent of parents or legal guardians, we are bound by the law and, therefore, we are not allowed to treat customers  who are under the age of majority (18) with Permanent Makeup.  

There are no upper age limits. Actually, our Permanent Makeup can make life much easier for Senior Citizens, because a person's visual impairment or an unsteady hand could make fine lines nearly impossible to accomplish when applying one's own makeup.

Things to avoid following your fresh Permanent Makeup?

During the first 10 days after your Permanent Makeup pigmentation application, you must carefully avoid:

  • Direct sunlight exposure, whether outdoors or in a solarium
  • Sea water (outdoors) or chlorinated water (swimming pool)
  • Sauna or steam rooms
  • Heavy sweating (or strenuous exercise that induces heavy sweating)

Is a Permanent Makeup pigmentation application possible in any season?

In general, a Permanent Makeup treatment is possible all year round, but some specifics should be observed.

Since you must avoid sun and water on the skin for the first ten days, the pigmentation should not be done just before a beach holiday.

It is also not appropriate just before a spa holiday, because sauna exposure or heavy sweating during sports activities should be avoided during the first ten days. In the mountains, the sunlight can be very intense as well. Therefore, it would be unwise to plan a hiking trip or a ski tour immediately after a pigmentation treatment.

The healing process of the skin takes 7 to 10 days. During the full 10 day period, the skin must not be exposed to seawater or chlorinated water or to direct sunlight.

However, as a practical matter, if you will protect your freshly pigmented eyebrows or your eyeliner by wearing large sunglasses and if you will stay mostly in the shade during the first 10 days, then it is OK to schedule a new Permanent Makeup application during the summer. You can protect your lips by applying a high SPF sunscreen lip balm or lotion.

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