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Why do some colors radiate and highlight your look, while others have the opposite effect? 

Our individual color consultation provides clarity and demonstrates what is best for you.

We distinguish not only the basic color types, but also address, specifically, the mixed palette of ideal colors.

Our detailed analysis evaluates the so-called "warm/cold" mix separately.

At the end you will receive your unique, personal Color Passport.


Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

Which hairstyle best fits with my face shape?

Which eyeglasses complement my look?

How should my clothes be cut or styled to optimize my figure?

Find out in our total style, figure and tailoring analysis which combination shows off your curves... and which types and styles of clothing to avoid.

In addition to numerous tips from head to toe, you will also receive a written documentation of all results so that you will have a convenient, detailed record of this consultation for future reference.


Step-by-step, in one session that is customized just for you, you will see and learn the ideal makeup design for your face and features.

To ensure the best possible results, we measure all zones of your face and then use all of the special techniques and tricks found only in the mater professional's "tool kit." A very important point is to visually lift your face with highlighters and modeling. With special shading, a hooded eyelid will disappear and, similarly, a tiny mouth suddenly will appear fuller. Particular attention is paid to perfect the eyebrows.

You will also receive a detailed makeup plan for your own future use.


Step-by-step to a new image.

The right makeup, colors and shapes can make you appear radiant, even glowing!

"Styling for Success" includes color, style and make-up application advice for one, special package price.

"Styling for Success" -- because a good appearance can be learned!

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