Our Cosmetic Treatments

Derma Coaching

During  this consultation, you will learn everything you need to know about a healthy complexion, including cleansing, accurate skin analysis, product and ingredients choices and daily care.

Without Microdermabrasion.


Prior to a delicate massage of the face, the neck (front), the nape of the neck and the décolleté area, the skin in these areas is thoroughly cleansed.

The massage is performed with fragrant, soothing and nourishing ingredients.

Without Microdermabrasion.

Business Relaxationfor Relaxation

For a relaxed complexion as well as a relaxed mind.

Skin analysis, cleansing, peeling, steaming with chromotherapy, deep cleansing, ampoule ingredients, massage, mask and final care.

Without Microdermabrasion.

Business Tighteningfor firm skin

For a relaxed complexion in a short time.

Skin analysis, cleansing, mineral-enzyme peeling, steaming, deep cleansing, rhubarb bio acid, firming ampoule, massage, mask and final care.

Without Microdermabrasion.



Intensive Acne Treatmentto combat blemished skin

We gently apply natural ingredients, which work very much like healing antibiotics.

The success of this treatment speaks for itself, because most of our customers have been able to quit using antibiotic drugs and achieve "pure" skin, and a clear and healthy appearance. Skin analysis, cleansing, peeling, steaming, gentle cleansing, bio acid, healing ingredients, mask, final care.

Without Microdermabrasion.

4 Weeks Intensive Acne Cureto combat blemished skin

To achieve clean, clear skin more quickly, we base this treatment on the body’s natural skin renewal cycle, which is monthly. If the blemishes are severe, they are best treated once each week, consecutively, with this intensive acne treatment.

You'll be amazed at how fast you get an improved, clean complexion.

Without Microdermabrasion.

CLEAN SKIN TREATMENTagainst blemished skin

If the skin has visible under-deposits or blemishes, this treatment gives beauty results very quickly. Natural oil and moisture balance is restored, pores are refined and the complexion is even and clear in appearance.

If redness is strong or under-deposits are significant, we recommend a four-weeks course of treatment. 

Inclusive Microdermabrasion.

Sensitive Treatmentfor a clean complexion

This treatment is designed specifically for very sensitive skin.
It has a clarifying, calming and uplifting effect.

Even for those with rosacea, it is a real treat!

Inclusive Microdermabrasion.

Oxygen Treatmentfor a clean complexion

This is one of the most advanced beauty treatment options. Not only does it visibly lighten the skin, it additionally regenerates the skin and aids the detoxification process.  This treatment is ideal for tightening and smoothing the skin.

Cleaning, cleansing, Microdermabrasion, oxygen, steam, deep cleansing, ampoule ingredients, massage, mask and final care.

Inclusive Microdermabrasion.

SPa-PUMPKIN TREATMENTfor a clean complexion

This treatment has a clarifying, healing and tightening effect.

More than a hundred nutrients and special ingredients nourish the skin and minimize free radicals. For a firm, healthy and fresh skin.

Inclusive Mikrodermabrasion.

for firm skin

This unique treatment with special ingredients derived from blue and red berries leads to a slight peeling, which improves the blood circulation, clearing and smoothing.

The ideal treatment for smoker’s skin and pale skin.

Inclusive Mikrodermabrasion.

Intensive Cure for a clean complexion

If the underlying skin is irritated or inflamed, it needs a four-week cure to return to its natural, healthy state. We focus this intensive cure on the body’s natural skin renewal cycle, which is one month.

This cure consists of a treatment once a week. The result is pure, firm and healthier skin.

Inclusive Microdermabrasion.

  • Treatment time: approx. 4 x 90 minutes
  • Price list

Oxygen DeLuxe for firm skin

This is one of the most modern treatment methods for the deep cleansing of the skin, which also enhances tissue with a high degree of oxygenation. Additional firming ingredients give a taut, tight, youthful look.

This Oxygen Deluxe treatment is especially recommended for the rejuvenation of the "tired" appearance of smoker's skin.

Inclusive Microdermabrasion.

Pumpkin DeLuxEfor firm skin

The strong, active ingredients of this anti-aging Pumpkin DeLuxe treatment help infuse more than 100 vital nutrients into the skin. Free radicals are neutralized and made harmless, resulting in skin that is firm and fresh looking. This treatment is ideal for people who cannot tolerate fruit acids.

Inclusive Microdermabrasion.


The main ingredient in this treatment is a special form of Vitamin A, which stimulates specific receptors of the skin cells. This treatment has a strong regenerative effect that counteracts sagging and tired skin, and enhances the appearance of skin that is prone to wrinkles.

Inclusive Microdermabrasion.

4 Weeks Intensive Tightening Curefor firm skin

This intensive cure can be combined as required with anti-aging treatments, according to your unique skin needs to accomplish a clean, toned complexion in a short time.

  • Treatment time: 4 x  approx. 90 minutes
  • Price list

Discoloration Treatmentvinoperfect and combat scars

This exceptional, therapeutic skin treatment acts against unwanted pigments and also minimizes the coloration of reddened scars while visibly tightening the skin.

Because the ingredients in the formula must continue to act overnight, we recommend no social appointments later that same day or evening.

Without Microdermabrasion.


These basics can be booked with or without other treatments.

  • Eyelashes tinting
  • Eyebrows tinting
  • Eyebrows optimization
  • Eyebrows optimization - new form
    (Surveying the ideal shape and  sketching , plucking and optimization of the eyebrows)
  • Waxing upper lip or chin
  • Peeling
  • Ampoule of skin-nourishing liquid
  • Modeling
  • Fleece mask (face)

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